Retirement Planning & Superannuation Advice

That is how much a 65 year old couple needs each year to retire comfortably.^

So, how well are you tracking towards a comfortable retirement?

 At Ark Financial Planning we provide a wide range of services to help you achieve your ideal retirement. Whether retirement is decades away or whether it is just around the corner, we help our clients get their retirement affairs in order.

Superannuation Choices 

With so many super funds it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. There are a number of factors to consider;

  • Which investments are right for you?
  • How much are you paying your super fund?
  • Should you have insurance cover in your super?
  • Who gets your super if you pass away?
  • How tax effective are your super investments?

At Ark Financial Planning we sit down with you to identify what you need from your super fund and help you make the right choice. We look at your current fund and compare it with other options in the marketplace to see what is best for you.

Did you know you may be able to pay for your superannuation advice
from your superannuation account?

Are You close to Retirement?

In preparing for retirement we look at a number of objectives and strategies that can improve your life beyond work. We ask our clients a variety of questions to help them work towards a better retirement.

  •  Are you getting closer to retirement or starting to seriously consider the best ways to arrange your superannuation and assets to maximise your returns in retirement?
  • Have you considered the type of retirement lifestyle you wish to pursue?
  • Does the thought of managing your super make you feel nervous?

We have provided advice to a wide range of clients, all with differing circumstances and objectives. We understand that there are no one size fits all retirement plans and that the best plan needs to meet your personal objectives.

Transition to Retirement

You may have heard the term transition to retirement or TTR before. This is a tax effective strategy to give your superannuation account a boost before you retire. It is also a great way to slowly transition out of full time employment into retirement, while allowing you to maintain a level of income you are accustomed to.

Centrelink and the Aged Pension

It is a common misconception by those who are looking to retire that they are ineligible for the Age Pension. However, through appropriate asset management strategies, many clients are eligible for at least a partial age pension as well as other benefits, such as a health care card.

The obvious benefit here is that when the age pension is part of your income mix, you draw less income from your superannuation and preserve it for the future.

Government Legislation

With the government making changes to superannuation and retirement rules, it can be difficult to understand the legislation of the day. As advisers to retirees, we keep on top of the latest changes to retirement legislation and make recommendations to our clients to ensure they maximize their retirement strategy, based on the law of the day.

Will I have enough?

One of the biggest concerns retirees face is, Will I have enough? Without having a comprehensive understanding of the assets that make up their superannuation, many retirees cannot accurately determine how much income they can draw from their assets over 20 or 30 years of retirement.

By working with an Ark Financial Planner, you will know how much income you can draw and have an idea of how long your retirement capital is going to last you. We work with you to  identify how much you need to meet your retirement objectives, then identify the different sources of income to meet that objective.


^The figure of $58,922 is sourced from the ASFA Retirement standard for the March Quarter, 2016. Details of this can be found here